What’s It Worth? 1987 Chevrolet Corvette ..Is The C4 Vette Finally Getting Some Respect?

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By 1983 America’s Sports Car the Chevrolet Corvette was long over due for a totaly new model. The C3 was produced from 1968-1982 and had made a boat load of cash for Chevrolet. The problem was that the aging C3 could trace most of its roots back to 1963 in both chassis and suspension. When the 1984 Corvette or C4 was introduced it was a totaly new sheet of paper for Chevrolet.

There was no official 1983 model due to problems with quality and parts suppliers. From the start the C4 was both loved and hated. Car and Driver noted in a 1984 road test “It sticks to the road like fly paper” but complained about the quality “interior pieces look like they came from the Vette parts bin as in Chevette parts bin” The poor quality reputation would follow the C4 till its demise in 1996.  A shame because Chevy made inprovements in both performance and quality with every new model year. In fact compared to other “exotics” of the era the C4 was a darn good car. Reliable, easy to fix with gobs of parts available. By 1986 the convertible was introduced. The first drop top Vette since 1975. The 1986 Corvette would also be the official Pace Car for the Indy 500. Model year 1987 would see upgrades to the fuel injection system and interior. These great to drive and own sports cars have always been over shadowed by the earlier C1′s-C3′s and even by later Porsche killers like the Z06. We feel that good examples of C4′s are about to rise in value. If you are looking to buy a C4 Vette look for the lowest mile un-modified example you can find. The very special ZR1′s go for a much higher premium over the standard small block V8′s and require special attention. If you want to enter the world of Corvette’s but your on a budget you can’t go wrong with a C4 Corvette. Buy now before the prices go up. Our feature 1987 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible is an all original car with only 27,905 miles. All systems work perfect and drives and looks like new. What’s It Worth?

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