What’s It Worth? 1977 Ford Thunderbird ..Ford’s Downsized T-Bird Keeps Its Style And Becomes A Best Seller

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By 1977 Detroit was on Weight Watchers. The OPEC Oil Embargo had forced The Big Three to go on a diet. GM for 1977 had downsized its big cars to 3/4 the size of their past blubber-ness. The svelte 1977 Chevy Caprice was the top seller in the full size car division.

From 1971-1976 the bloated Thunderbird was based on the large barge Lincoln Mark IV. By 1976 with its fuel drinking 460 V8 sales of the T-Bird hit rock bottom. Ford not having a new platform to base a smaller Thunderbird on did what it did best.

Borrowed from itself. Based on the Torino platform the all new 1977 Ford Thunderbird was over 8 inches shorter and over 900lbs lighter. The same was true for its corporate cousin the 1977 Mercury Cougar. The resulting T-Birds were stylish with hidden headlights and crisp lines. Engines ranged from the tried and true small block 302 V8 and 351 Windsor..all the way up to a 351M or 400M big block V8′s. The formula worked. In 1977 the Ford Thunderbird would be the best selling Personal Luxury Car. Out selling the Oldsmobile Cutlass. Options included ahhh everything. With a base price of $5063.00 you got some value but not alot. In 1978 if you checked the option box for the fancy schmancy  “Diamond Jubilee Edition” and added the Moonroof your price would balloon up to $11.965. Talk about Personal Luxury.  Produced between 1977-1979 the 7th generation T-Bird would be the best selling of all time. Over 955,000 found new homes. The frumpy Thunderbird that followed in 1980 was a fancy Fairmont and a sales flop. These classy T-Birds were always good cars. Ran well and proved not to be rust buckets. That is good and bad news. Most were driven to extinction making low mile nice examples hard to find. Values on the 1977-1979 Thunderbirds have be going up. Slowly. If you are looking for an entry classic car you can not go wrong with a 1977-1979 Ford Thunderbird. Our feature 1977 Ford Thunderbird is a one family owned vehicle. Only showing 21,800 miles it is a high option car that is a piece of Thunderbird history.  What’s It Worth?

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