What’s It Worth? 1957 Willys Jeep FC-170 ..Hard Working Forward Control Four Wheel Drive

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By 1956 Kaiser Jeep and Willys Jeep was the worlds largest produced of 4 wheel drive vehicles. Even with that success Jeeps’ market share was shrinking. mostly due to a lack of new prodcuts. Seeing the need for light industrial or utility truck designer Brooks Stevens took cues from full size big truck to create the “Forward Control” look.

The name was exactly what the robust 4×4 truck was. Steering controls, dashboard and other control were forward of the engine and drivetrain. This set up made for a larger cab and ease of service. The first FC-150 introduced in 1955 was based on the CJ-5 with its stubby 81 inch wheel base. The track was increased by 8 inches to 57 inches wide. The only engine for the first year 1956 was the sluggish but tough 134 cubic inch Hurricane-4. By 1957 the FC-170 was introduced with an increased wheel base of  103 inches. You could also get the Super Hurricane 6 rated at 82 horsepower. 1957 would be the FC’s biggest selling year with 9738 Forward Control’s finding new homes. Even though you could get your FC with all types of beds and set ups they never sold well. Only a total of 30,202 had been sold when the model was dropped in 1964. Even with that these odd shaped 4×4′s have had a strong following. It is very tough to find one in decent shape. Most of them were worked hard and pounded into to rust and dust. Our feature 1957 Willy Jeep Fc-170 Forward Control Pickup is low mile no rust original truck. Proudly wearing its tough working patina. What’s It Worth?   

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